Please contact the school office (01603 457120) or
 if you wish to contact one of our governors.

Our Governing Body

Chair of Governors:

  • Marion Flaxman

Vice-Chair of Governors:

  • Simon Bloomfield

Chair of Resources Committee:

  • Simon Bloomfield

Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee:

  • Pirita Paajanen

Safeguarding Link and Looked After Children Link Governor:

  • Elizabeth Walker

Pupil Premium Link Governors:

  • Flo Harrison

SEND Link Governor:

  • Marion Flaxman

Equalities Governor:

  • Marion Flaxman

Staff Governors:

  • Michael Bunting
  • Cat Cator (Teaching and Learning committee)

Co-opted Governors:

  • Pirita Paajanen
  • Elizabeth Walker
  • Matthew Hartley
  • Jonathan Mawer (Resources committee)
  • Chris Pape (Resources committee)

Message from our Chair

A special welcome from the Governors – a group of eleven very committed people who work with the school for the good of all its pupils and staff. We meet each half term as a full group but we also meet in sub-committees where the main discussion on matters takes place. We have two committees – Teaching and Learning as one and Resources as the other. Both names hopefully speak for themselves but obviously their work overlaps as they are so interdependent. By ensuring much of the groundwork is done at committee stage, this frees up time at full governor meetings to consider items in depth and also to have time for training regarding specific important aspects of school life. We also contribute to the school development plan and have our own governor action plan as a part of this. We make visits into school to monitor specific aspects of what happens on a day to day basis since we have a legal responsibility to ensure the school is delivering the very best possible educational experience. We also have an annual Governors In School Day when we all spend a full day in school which gives us a real insight into what a wonderful place Recreation Road is.

We are not educational experts and we come from a range of backgrounds, each of us being able to bring a different skill to the group. We do have a vacancy for a parent governor which we hope to fill this term – perhaps you have a particular skill which you can bring to the group. If so, do keep your eyes open for more information as the term progresses. Governors have a vital role to play in school as we work to be both a support and a challenge to ensure our school maintains its outstanding record.

Enjoy your visit to our website and do come along and visit us at school. We believe education is a real partnership where everyone has a contribution to make to our ongoing success.

 We look forward to meeting many of you

 Marion A Flaxman

 Chair of Governors