Recreation Road Eco-Club

Who we are

We have one or two Eco Heroes in each class, helped by Mrs. Martin, Ms. Pearson and Jan, our wonderful volunteer.

What we do 

We are ‘saving the environment’ by:

  • collecting and using rain water
  • looking after the plants in the school gardens, including the pond.
  • recycling batteries, soft plastic, pens, paper and food waste
  • picking up litter
  • switching off lights and computers when no-one is in the room
  • checking taps are switched off 
  • using foamy soap

Our song, ( to the tune of ‘1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive’)
Help us keep our world alive,
Use things once then use them again!

What you can do to help us

  • Volunteer to help us in school
  • Copy our ideas and do them at home!
  • send in old batteries (type AA,AAA,C and D) and pens
  • use the PTA school uniform swap
  • help us start a book swap
  • share any good eco tips you have with us

Useful Eco-Links

Water saving tips | Anglian Water Services

Eco Friendly Kids

Kids Corner | Online Games Focusing on the Environment |Bash the Trash

Contact Us

Recreation Road Infant School, Recreation Road, Norwich NR2 3PA

Head of School – Denise Mattock

Executive Head Teacher – Michael Bunting

Tel: 01603 457120


Zoe Smith and Jo Westgate are available in the school office to deal with your calls and queries.

If you would like a paper copy of anything on our website, please just ask.