Heigham Community Federation Admissions Policy 2024-25

Recreation Road Infant and Avenue Junior Schools have partnered together to create the Heigham Community Federation.  The federation has one governing board, formed from representatives of parents, staff, the community and the Local Authority.

Avenue Junior School

1. Introduction

The Heigham Community Federation is a partnership between Recreation Road Infant School and Avenue Junior School.  This admissions policy outlines the procedures for applying to each school and complies with the statutory requirements of the School Admissions Code and the School Admissions Appeals Code.

2. Application Process

2.1. Separate Applications:

  • Parents must apply separately for admissions to Recreation Road Infant School and Avenue Junior School.
  • Children do not automatically transition from Recreation Road Infant School to Avenue Junior School at the end of Year 2.

2.2. Norfolk County Council Admissions:

  • All applications must be made through Norfolk County Council’s online application system. For detailed guidance on how to apply, please visit Norfolk County Council Admissions.

2.3. Applying from Year 2 at Recreation Road Infant School:

  • Parents of children in Year 2 at Recreation Road Infant School must apply for a place at Avenue Junior School for Year 3, as per Norfolk County Council admissions guidance.

2.4. Catchment Area Information:

  • To determine if you are within the catchment area for Recreation Road Infant School or Avenue Junior School, please use the Norfolk County Council School Catchment Area Map available at norfolk.gov.uk/schoolcatchments.
  • Please note that while catchment areas are considered, a number of pupils join our schools from outside the catchment area each year, and this should not deter parents from considering an application.

3. Admissions Criteria

3.1. Published Admission Number (PAN):

  • The Published Admission Number (PAN) for each school is 120 pupils per year group, reflecting the capacity and resources of the schools.

3.2. Oversubscription Criteria:

  • If applications exceed the PAN, priority will be given in accordance with Norfolk County Council’s guidelines,

4. Appeals Process

4.1. Right of Appeal:

  • Parents whose application for admission has been unsuccessful may appeal to an independent appeals panel. Information on how to appeal will be provided in the refusal letter.

4.2. Appeals Procedure:

  • The appeals panel will consider all appeals in accordance with the School Admissions Appeals Code and provide reasons for its decision.

5. Review and Amendments

5.1. Review Cycle:

  • This admissions policy will be reviewed annually by the federated governing body.
  • Amendments may be made to reflect changes in legislation or local circumstances.

6. Publication and Accessibility

6.1. Accessibility:

  • The admissions policy will be available on the school websites of Recreation Road Infant School and Avenue Junior School.
  • Copies will be provided upon request through the school offices.

6.2. Communication:

  • Parents will be informed of any changes to the admissions policy through school newsletters and the website.