School Improvement and Development Plan

Recreation Road Infant School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP) 2023-2025

Summary for Parents and Carers

Purpose: Our School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP) aims to make our school a better place for learning and growing. It covers important areas such as what we teach, how we teach, student behaviour, personal development, school management, and early years education.

Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Quality of Education:
    • Curriculum and Assessment: We are ensuring that what we teach is consistent across all year groups and that key learning goals are clear for children.
    • Teaching Skills: We are focusing on teaching methods that help pupils remember more and use more of what they learn. This includes encouraging the use of new vocabulary and the ‘gradual release’ model.
    • English and Maths: We are using home-school reading records and more frequent practice time to boost reading at home and school, organising parent workshops, and providing support to improve reading and maths skills for all pupils. There is also a strong focus on improving writing skills, with new strategies and resources to help pupils develop their writing abilities.
  2. Behaviour and Attitudes:
    • Learning Behaviours: We aim to reduce low-level disruption by federating our behaviour policies and providing enhanced support where needed. We are also teaching pupils to better manage their emotions using the ‘Zones of Regulation’ programme.
  3. Personal Development:
    • Inclusive Environment: As a federation, we are committed to ongoing education on bullying and prejudice, reviewing our school environment for equalities and accessibility, and linking extracurricular activities more closely with our curriculum where we can.
  4. Leadership and Management:
    • Systems and Feedback: We are focusing on regular and consistent monitoring of our progress, training staff to gather and use monitoring feedback from pupils, and ensuring clear job roles for support staff. Governors will be trained and then involved in pupil-centred monitoring and we will plan in external audits to review our safeguarding processes.
  5. Early Years Development:
    • Enhancing Early Learning: We are improving learning environments for writing and reading in early years, ensuring consistent teaching in phonics, and increasing educational visit opportunities for young learners.

How We Are Making It Happen:

  • Regular Reviews: Each part of our plan includes actions, success measures, and review dates to ensure we stay on track.
  • Community and Staff Involvement: We are actively engaging parents, staff, and governors in improving our school through feedback and involvement in various activities.
  • Ongoing Training: We provide continuous training for our staff to help them improve their practice.

Conclusion: Our SIDP is designed to improve education quality, create a positive and inclusive school environment, and ensure effective school management. By focusing on these areas, we aim to provide the best education and support for all our pupils.

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